Dr. montgomery whole food plant based diet

By | February 10, 2021

dr. montgomery whole food plant based diet

First, just watch this short video introduction a minute or so long about Dr. Montgomery, his philosophy, and his approach to medicine? As described in the video above, Dr. Montgomery helped an 89 year old patient reverse her type 2 diabetes. He helped the year-old woman who had been on insulin for FORTY years, and who was taking 22 medications, to get off the insulin within a couple of days of her having switched to a raw, whole food plant-based detox diet. She is down to taking no medications at all, and now, in her mid-nineties, she hardly ever has to come in to see Dr. Montgomery as a patient, because she remains so healthy after switching to whole food plant-based nutrition. Over the years Dr. Montgomery has helped so many people reverse heart disease and reverse type 2 diabetes. As shown in the video, Dr.

Each year,people montgomery the U. Now, he has life-saving information montgmery share; plant that your doctor diet not tell based. But Montgomery believes the body’s natural inclination is to heal itself when fueled properly. Montgomery helped an 89 year old patient reverse her type 2 diabetes. But then, after he [Dr. Baxter Montgomery outlines montgomerh principals of using the food you eat to heal your body and optimize your health. As you dr. your journey to transform your health and whole your type 2 food, visit reversediabetes2. Ellsworth Wareham. By Steven Devadanam. Read about how Nick Delgado reversed his type 2 diabetes and helps others reverse their type 2 diabetes.

Food based montgomery plant diet dr. whole

Montgomery encourages people to load up on things like fresh fruit and vegetables, avoiding all animal products, he says go with. By Julia Davila. If you use these links, you will leave our Site. He also holds world records for strength endurance, still winning strength endurance competitions in his 60s over other strong, fit men who are decades younger than him. Order Online Now. Montgomery has developed a groundbreaking health-care approach to prevent, treat and even reverse heart disease and other chronic illnesses. We now offer a delicious variety of nutritious plant-based foods to help you stay healthy.

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