Glutamine free diet for mice

Villous height and crypt depth were determined as specific indices of mucosal growth. Lacey J. The Tukey HSD was applied to compare means. When determining the effect of high glutamine diet using control versus test groups, a linear mixed model multiple comparisons and Mann—Whitney test were used to determine p value. Vars Research Award. Plasma… Read More »

Keto diet maintain weight

Unpleasant fact about weight loss: maintaining your goal weight is actually harder than getting there. Where they stumble is keeping it off: they slowly slide back into their old eating habits after they hit their goal weight and all their hard work gets undone. The good news is that keto is probably a good choice… Read More »

Testosterone low carb diet

But women depend on testosterone too. There is also currently very little long-term evidence for its safety. Sex hormone responses in healthy men and male patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease during an oral glucose load. The group that ate a high carb diet had significantly higher testosterone levels than the protein group. The content… Read More »

Acid alkaline diet recipes

Thank you for signup up! Corn provides a healthy whole-grain base to this acid salad from nutritionist Cynthia Alksline “Cinch! Check it out here. For me, I don’t feel as good when I eat meat, dairy, processed foods and high carb sugary foods. Recipes transports you to the alkaline, sunny-baked Mediterranean climate, where the idea… Read More »