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What yogurt is best for the keto diet

Lynn H says. Using what you might think are strange ingredients cue cauliflower, you get an absolutely delicious faux oatmeal. Frozen yogurt sounds great! Rosemarie Peerenboom says. With the same ratio of sour cream and cream I added a teaspoon of Inulin to add the prebiotics. Next, I added powdered swerve and vanilla to taste… Read More »

Best alcohol for sugar free diet

Sarah Regan mindbodygreen Editorial Assistant. For comparison sake, a serving of orange juice is equivalent in sugar content to a third of a can of Coke. Low-carb options include wine, champagne and pure spirits like whiskey and vodka. Watch out for sweet mixed drinks — they may have massive amounts of sugar. Try diet tonic,… Read More »

Best rated phone app to track keto diet

Enables tracking of several useful keto metrics macronutrients, blood sugar levels, ketones, etc. You can track all of the basic metrics that are critical to the keto diet — like total carbs, net carbs, and fats — but you can also track ketones, blood glucose, insulin, glycemic load, and more. You can sync Carb Manager… Read More »

Best way to end a low carb diet

So you’ve been off carbs for too long and are ready to quit keto. The biggest fear in discontinuing a diet may be weight gain, but changing your eating patterns dramatically can also leave you feeling confused about meal choices when you’re used to having so many restrictions. The length of time is individualized and… Read More »