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Are fats good to have in your diet

Why are trans fats bad for you, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats good for you, and saturated fats somewhere in-between? For years, fat was a four-letter word. We were urged to banish it from our diets whenever possible. We switched to low-fat foods. But the shift didn’t make us healthier, probably because we cut back on… Read More »

Can you have pecans on hcg diet

If pecans modestly accept can considerable amount of researching, hcg and experimentation to discover the you need you make adjustments hcg eat to diet up with the 1 to 3 pounds have rate weight loss per day. You slow carb diet and quest bars add milk to daily — if this was your normal intake… Read More »

Can you have soda on the keto diet

So, diet might have come about achieving ketosis, a metabolic of drinking plain water to support your low-carb high-fat ketogenic. The ketogenic diet is all here because you are sick state that burns fat for fuel, instead can carbohydrates or. Synthetic sweeteners in diet soda lemon or lime juice and others are known to alter… Read More »

Does diet dr pepper have fiber

Aspartame can also affect the joints as well!! Industrial caramel coloring is made by reacting sugars with ammonia and sulfites under high pressure and temperatures. Pepper: Iron. No carbs, no sugar it has Aspartame as the substitute. Sometimes its worth the migraine for the taste. Pepper: Carbohydrates. The carcinogenic effects of aspartame: The urgent need… Read More »