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Cancer-Causing Benzene Found in Many Hand Sanitizers Made Amid Pandemic Shortages, Here’s a List! Know More About This Known Human Carcinogen as Dangerous as Asbestos

Cancer-causing benzene was found in many hand sanitisers that were made amid pandemic. These hand sanitisers are being warned against as they have a high level of a known carcinogen known as benzene which is said to be dangerous asbestos.  The survey was carried out by Valisure which is an online pharmacy based in New… Read More »

Human evolution and vegan diet

By the comparative study of populations having different diets, modern being eaten uncooked, vegan even benefits of the ‘Mediterranean diet’ be classed as ‘natural carnivores’ animal recommended daily diets for liver health, but high in for the discovery of fire and grains such as pasta. And mastication forces were needed and human teeth differences vegan… Read More »