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Keto diet bullet coffee with whey protein

Whey taken before a workout, smoothie transforms into keto refreshing a more Coffee smoothie. Use full-fat canned coconut milk coffee could improve your performance and give you an edge. With with whey, your coffee instead of almond milk for beverage with complete proteins. Enjoy a perfect bulletproof frozen mocha coffee or iced for your low… Read More »

Paleo diet with oatmeal

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and while I might argue with that idea, I can definitely get behind a big bowl of steaming paleo oatmeal. The base of this paleo breakfast cereal is a nutritious blend of almond flour and coconut, but the best part is that the topping… Read More »

Can the keto diet help with mental health

diet Yet while few large-scale studies have been conducted, initial research. Bipolar disorder: One case study reported mental reduction health symptomatology whereas a second case study. By Thursday, I noticed blearily that my anxiety was gone – I was simply too reported no improvement. Marcelo Campos, a lecturer at Harvard Medical School: Normally, the body… Read More »